Letters From The
Vietnam War

9 June '71
The base I went to about a week ago that was so close to the action in Cambodia got hit by sappers a couple of days ago and blew up all of the gasoline we took in. The South Vietnamese retreated from Cambodia so fast that our U.S. planes had to destroy about 50 trucks, tanks, and artillery which they left behind in usable condition. Quite a mess!

3 Aug '71
The flights were mostly safe and uneventful, except for yesterday. We transported two ARVN KIA's from Tan Son Nhut—flag draped coffins, honor guard, and family members. One widow had three small children with her. Destination was Qui Nhon but we brought them as far as Phan Rang. That means they'll spend a few days and nights sleeping in a warehouse with the coffins until a flight finally gets them the rest of the way.

29 Mar '72
We are all kind of stunned after last night's Spectre mishap—I imagine it will get lots of stateside publicity. They apparently took a direct hit from a SAM. They were working east of NKP in an area that has been off limits to Stingers for a couple of months. Today has been long and somber—lots to reflect on. I miss you terribly tonight, and I love you.


Brave Warriors, Humble Heroes: A Vietnam War Story